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Gisima was a Spanish maker of die-cast models in 1:64 and larger scales. They were based in Ibi (Alicante) and founded in 1978, by Miguel Juan Gimeno, Emilio Mollá Silvestre, Plácido Martos, and a brother of his.

In the 1980s, they were making their own casting designs and are noted to have been also making copies of Hot Wheels and Matchbox castings. (Really! Have you ever seen a Gisma?) They are also said to be the lesser alternative to the more detailed Pilen and Guisval Spanish offerings. On the other hand, they are well made compared to the pancake and many no name type of diecasts offered by others.

Gisima did also offer their products in smiliar clear plastic cases to Pilen and Guisval with the casting attached to its base. Notice is also made of a wheel type that is similiar to Majorettes 3 spoke wheel design.. Bodies were decorated with either stickers or decals.

Sourced references -

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