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Founded as Barlux in 1972 as an Italian importer. Giodi had offices in Milano as Baravelli. They issued a series of motorcycles, street cars, race cars and a series of 1:24 Fiat Campagnola (Jeep) that also included a caravan. Another casting, the Fiat 697 TP came in 1:24 scale as well and different functions.

In 1981, Techno Giodi was formed in Odiga Pintido in Bergamo Italy. They introduced farm equipment and construction vehicles and continued the previous Barlux lines as Giodi. Adding new Fiat 697 TP boom crane truck models and a Kenworth tractor/trailer model. Being based in Italy additional Ferrari models were also added of course.

New series include "Wild Moto" with zip cord powered motorcycles. "Serie Moon" was a (6) car set of futuristic work trucks. "Serie Astro" was a fantasy robot series with several flying vehicles. "Frizione" was a series of Jeeps, vans and commercial vehicles.

In the mid 1980s, Scame Mastaf of Italy began issuing diecasts under the brand name of Giodi in 1:18 and 1:60 scales.

Their "Seire Jet" line was made up of motorcycles. They were available as singles and (2) packs with accessories, window boxes and (3) packs. The "Serie VIP" featured luxery car models in scales of 1:60 to 1:70. These were available in both picture boxes and (3) pack blister cards. A model kit version was also issued. The "Serie Race" line up was issued in (3) packs of F1 racers. And the "Seire Fun" included a fantasy dragster model.

The "Serie Zoom 1 and 2" was made up of 1:25 scale Fiat Campegnolas with caravans added in the 2nd series offered. The "Serie Sstrong" was a line of heavy equipment vehicles in 1:43 scale. The "Serie Jumbo" was a (4) casting series with the Fiat 687 and (3) semi trucks as a hauler, cemet truck and wrecker in 1:35 scale. The "Serie Farm" series included farm tractors and construction type vehicles.

The "Set Regalo" were themed sets of multiple casting and accessories.

They also made model kits in 1:28 of their Fiat Tractor and 1:35 scale of their semi truck versions.

They also made very small racing car models that were found inside Ferrero chocolate eggs.

After they went bankrupt in 1993, some castings continued to made by Jaditoys (sic/?) in China.

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