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hi - next week is the car show in Laharpe Ill. this is the 6"th Annual Fred Gibb Memorial Car Show. There are classes for every type of car .YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A CHEVY. For the inside scoop -just go to the Official fredgibb.com - website . Or you can call jerry burford at 217-659-7716. or e-mail the web site . it looks like i will be there for the show - this is one of the finest shows in the mid west . with LOTS OF REAL MUSCLE CARS there.

Camaro books- i donated 20 autographed books of 2 of my books . these are numbered and ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE FRED GIBB SCHOLARSHIP FUND - these are very special BOOKS - Helen Gibb/ Herb Fox-[ he drove the 67 z/28 and other cars for fred gibb] also autographed these Books.there is 20 more books that i am donating for the show& to be sold at show.these will be autographed by Helen/Herb also.National press coverage will be there also

On camaro books that i wrote- if you miss these,i gave rob a small hand full of books to go to the auction at fest for the logan center .THESE ARE THE LAST OF THESE WITH THE OLD COVER'S AND CARS........
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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