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I want the best of both worlds T-Jets & Getting the bug to go back in to R/C but cant afford both.
So I Need to sell off some of my rebuilt t-jet chassis that are all in 6+ to 7+ in condition,
Selling {25} of them as a lot.
I have an ad for them in: Slot Car Swap and Sell. ~ Pics coming soon.
The R/C that I found really sparked my interest is the New Axial SCX10 II ~ Vary cool truck.
Best new 10th scale trail truck I have seen in meany years.


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that's a cool rc jeep .

I have some rc trucks
2 clod buster type trucks with other 1/10 bodys on them now
and a stretched midnight pumkin
with a 1/10 grave digger body and bigger wheels n tires.
and some kind of Baja desert racer that I put a corvette body on
and a extra 1/10 56 ford crown vic body and a 1/10 56 nomad .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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