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i need to just keep my eyes on all the mbx ambulances so i have decided to stop with fire and police unless its the DARE program police cars..so with that being said i have started a list of things im gonna try and get rid of.. starting with fire first...

heres a link to stuff for trade and sale

http://s801.photobucket.com/albums/yy294/jmedic313/Fire for sale or trade/

please email me at [email protected] with anything ya may want..

also here is a list of the cop rods i have..

Series 1....Milwaukee 32 duece coupe, Columbus 57 chevy, jefferson City 3 window coupe, Syracuse 32 ford vicky, Indianapolis way 2 fast, El Paso 67 camaro, Las Vegas 58 Vette, Bakersfield Tail dragger

Series 2..... St Paul Fiat 500c, Tuscon Track T, Trenton, 33 ford, Key West(X2) 56 ford panel, Bismark Super comp dragster, Jackson 70 road runner, New Orleans 70 chevelle ss, Santa Fe 56 flashrider, Sacremento Nomad, Cheyeene 40 ford truck, Atlanta 67 GTO...

please let me know if you are interested in any of the above
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