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Team Mugen Racing and Pro-Line Driver Gabriel “Gabe” Galeano headed north to RCNYC, Bronx, NYC for the Opening Big Air Race 2012. The crew did an excellent job with the fresh layout for the event. Gabe was running the Tazer M3 tire during the race in his Mugen MBX6 M-Spec Eco and Mugen MBX6T M-Spec Eco, and the Sniper SC M4 in his Mugen SC-Pro 4. Gabriel did a good qualifying job, going 2nd in E-Buggy, 2nd in 4wd SCT MOD and 3rd in E-Truggy. For the A-mains Gabriel took all three of the first place trophies, finishing 1st in E-Buggy, 1st in E-Truggy and 1st in 4wd SCT Mod.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

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