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The Futaba 4VWD Superb 4-channel control for surface models now in stock @ rcMart.com.
Futaba 4VWD
Turn the turrets and fire the cannons on your Tamiya tank or multifunctional control for Tamiya tractor truck. Maneuver a Tamiya big rig with forward, reverse AND brake. Command your battling robot to engage in exciting combat. Or add more functions to a scale boat for more realistic performance. Whatever type of surface model you have that requires three or more channels of operation, the 4VWD radio from Futaba can handle it. It's designed specifically to deliver incredible control for more advanced surface models — and it's surprisingly affordable as well!

  • Trims and servo reversing functions on all four channels help you control the action.
  • Adjustable length and tension on the sticks let you customize them to your personal specs.
  • A meter on the easy-to-grip case continuously displays transmitter battery power status.
The two precision S3003 standard-size servos that are included will handle most all of the requirements of the 4VWD system. The state-of-the-art, narrow-band R114H AM receiver keep control inputs coming through loud and clear, for quicker and more consistent response.
For added tank-driving realism, a special "gate" is included for the left stick that replicates the gear shift pattern in a full-size vehicle. Where to buy?
Source: Futaba
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