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There's a Hobby Shop across the street from where I work, they get JLs in now and then. Three weeks ago I find a WL, first one of the year, they got in a couple of series one if which is the 2004 New Cars Series, once I found the WL I quit looking. Last week they got in the Mopar series, and another WL. So this week (I always go on Wednesdays, the counter man gives me a discount). I see nothing new, but what the heck lets check them out. I'm flipping through them and hanging there for three weeks now is a 2004 series Nissan 350Z WL. I missed it two weeks in a row. Man, I need to get my eyes checked I guess.

Funny thing is a friend of mine bought a 350Z yesterday so I was looking at them for him, guess he won't get this one.

Another no winner in the scratch game, darn it.

It's free too, rolling around my desk, Viva W.L.L.M.!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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