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Guys ,
the wife and i are headed to Las Vegas at the end of sept so while she's spending the family fortune OR adding to it LOL , I hope to check out local racing . Anyone know of a place to race TJETS ? OK i'm not just doing HO racin as i plan to do some laps in a Indy car . 34 laps i'm told at LasVegas motor speedway ! Then for some even wackier fun my wife and i are signed up to go 60 MPH on a zip line ( similar to what's used on amazing race but much higher)across a lovely little southwest Arizona canyon at about 1000 ft in the air yee ha ! Lastly we have yet to decide but .... it's a sky dive or parasail adventure. I've allready done both so that one is up to my wife. I am just hoping to fill a hole or 2 in the time to run a slot car.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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