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Roll Call

Calling of Nations........:thumbsup:

I salveged all the still working images link posts from this thread and moved them to either the on going

Ambulance - http://www.hobbytalk.com/bbs1/1722-diecast-emergency-vehicles-collecting/383979-did-somebody-call-ambulance.html

Fire - http://www.hobbytalk.com/bbs1/1722-diecast-emergency-vehicles-collecting/555506-fire-truck.html or,

Police - http://www.hobbytalk.com/bbs1/1722-diecast-emergency-vehicles-collecting/548137-call-police.html

photo threads in this section.

If anyone wants to go back and replace any of the still broken links remaining in this thread. Just post an updated post at the end of this thread when you are done - to bump it up to the top - where it can be seen. And I will transfer those post and related comments to the above threads.

Otherwise I am tagging this thread with [ABPBL] for All Broken PB Links. Maybe someday PB will change there mind and restore the broken image links or maybe not....

21 - 29 of 29 Posts