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Looking primarily for rubber tire Zingers. Here's what I have:

Rubber tire variants

Rebel Rods r1 Boss-a-Nova x2
Rebel Rods r1 Tow-nado x3
Rebel Rods r2 King Kitty
Rebel Rods r3 Tow-Nado
Rebel Rods r3 '57 Vette Gasser
Rebel Rods r3 Cheetah
Rebel Rods r4 The Spoiler ('72 Road Runner)
Street Freaks Spoilers '72 Road Runner x2
Street Freaks Spoilers '69 Daytona
Street Freaks Spoilers '64 GTO
Mopar/No Car r1 'Cuda Convertible
Mopar/No Car r3 Viper GTS x2
Mopar/No Car r3 'Cuda green
Firebirds r1 '72 blue
Firebirds r1 '73 red

Bwf Cars

1970 Mustang Boss 429 x5
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