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Still playing around with trying to find the right lighting for the camera. Not there yet, the colors and brightness on here needed digital adjusting and still aren't quite right - and I lost clarity in the process. The yellows and oranges should be more flourescent, the magenta of John's jacket ought to be a little darker, as should George's jacket and Ringo's pants be not so bright or so orange, and George's hat should be hot pink, the seemingly red bands on Ringo's sleeves a kind of orange. Anyway, here they are.

Makes a real change from my usual stuff, preferring to attempt more realistic paint jobs.

These were done as they hit the stores a few years back, so some of the seams I could have done a smoother job on today. These guys were the best time I ever had building and painting, and saw me through one of the rougher bouts of depression. I highly recommend them to everyone. :)

A classic from when PL took bigger risks with their subject matter.


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A little better...


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this should be better. I did my bets to match each color off the movie itself, including the different skin tones.


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Great job on these! This is the first time I've seen these kits built up, and though I was never a fan of the general look to Yellow Submarine, you made these look pretty cool. The different skin tones given to each and black outlining on the eyes and mouths make the paint jobs stand out well.

P.S. - I hope to see more follow-ups on the Hunchback modifications you had in progress (unless it's been finished and I missed the post).

- David M.
Thanks, David! :) It must be the backdrop throwing off the automatic adjusting on the camera that's keeping the colors from coming though just right. I was trying to get up shots tonight of my black-and-white stuff, but I don't have a background neutral enough.

I'll get back to Hunch - had to take a break, and I'm out of epoxy putty. Hasn't been anything to miss lately. Glad it caught your interest, though! :) I have a few pics to put up, (not alot yet, but the kit from the waist down) waiting on the nameplate.
BTW, it's 2:50 in the morning here - what are ya doing up?? Go to bed!
Gear! Fab! Ginchy!
Groovy job, Jeff.
Around the time I was wondering if I should buy these kits, McFarlane came out with action figures the same size and price - and with extras too. I have SO many kits to build, I decided to get the figures instead. And even at that, they've since been relegated to the attic to make shelf space for the TOS Trek action figures.
Those are sharp Jeff.

I always meant to pick those up but could never find all 4 at the same time, now I wish I would have been smart enough to get 'em one at a time. Maybe I'll come across them yet but they're getting scarce. Inspiring work.
Great job, Jeff! I may have to go back and re-paint mine now. Thanks a lot!!


Thanks guys!

These came out one at a time, Weeks apart each, and that's how I built them. Now I recall, it wasn't just depression, no always gotta be dramatic - I also had one of those iserable winter colds, and all the medication kept me awake most of the time. These guys were a godsend to have and build. And I did the opposite of John, bought these instead of the figures when I really wanted both.

Oops! I posed the dog wrong, that tail is supposed to be beating the drum!

...now I wish I would have been smart enough to get 'em one at a time. Maybe I'll come across them yet but they're getting scarce.
If I come across any, I'll try to get them for you. :)
^^That would be appreciated Jeff!!
I know I tend to over analyze things and seek out ambiguity, but how do the heads in post 3 relate to Sgt. Pepper's band musicians in posts 1 and 2? Do they come with removable disguises?
Hey Jeff Those look real fab! Nice work! :thumbsup:

Now get back to work!

R U sure you can't make it up to Sci-Fan this year?

They come with the interchangable heads.
D'oh. I shoulda guessed coming from the makers of "The Guillotine"!

Nice work! (Can we see a pic with their alter egos attached?)
Groovey man!! Smashing!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
It's wonderful you posted 'em here!

It's certainly a thrill!

Wow! Great work! I feel like I've been on an acid trip just looking at them!
:) Thanks, guys! in't they pretty cool kits? What mainstream model company would ever think to do kits like that?

Unfortunately, for good reason...I don't think they sold well at all.

Steve - yep, you can change the heads...but the fit is loose on some of them, the John Lennon doesn't want to stay put at all. About getting a shot with the "real" Beatles heads, tell ya what - gimme a week more or less to find something more neutral to use as a background. Then I'll get a shot, and the maybe the brightness and colors will come through without so much digital manipulation. And get that dog going on the drum.

Troy...unfortunately, not gonna happen this time. Time, money, nothing done yet to show. The only things I wanna bring, most of 'em need epoxy clay, and that won't arrive in time to have them done. :( Was hoping to bring an Aurora Captain America restoration before the PL re-issue is available.

Next year, though...after these current projects are done, the next is that one...you know the one you, Steve, and me discussed? Involving a well known, er, scientist and his assistant? I'm trying to finally figure out that table now, and then the plan is to build it over Winter. If it's done, it won't debut anywhere but Sci-Fan.

Did Steve ever get his Bowen/Dark Horse Kong done? I've got that going now. I wanna know if he got the Big Guy to stand correctly on the base.
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