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1st Owen Saunders
2nd Melaini Lewis
3rd Quinton Mason

Mod Truck Oval
1st Cory Smith
2nd Larry Myers
3rd Terry Marriot

Gas Truck Oval
1st Smiley
2nd Brian Patterson
3rd Josh Flaugher

SC Latemodel
1st Jack Reeve
2nd David Lewis
3rd Butch Bebee

Super Latemodel
1st Jeremy Reilley
2nd Anthony Searls
3rd Jack Reeve

Stock Truck
1st Cory Smith
2nd Caleb Henry
3rd Jeff Barney

Slash Spec
1st Ezra Lewis
2nd Brandon Mason
3rd Trucker James

Stock SC
1st Chase Boothman
2nd Dave Hoaglan
3rd Shannon Montgomery

Mod SC
1st David Lengacher
2nd Trucker James
3rd Brad Fabin

2 Wheel Buggy
1st Chloe Myers
2nd Jesse Mason
3rd Jamie Szeman

4wd Sc
1st Caleb Henry
2nd David Lengacher
3rd Shane Snyder

Congrats to all the winners remember you can pick your plaques up this friday night at the track
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