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2011 VW NB Final Edition
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Had to do a bit of grocery shopping on my day off. We have a WM thats been open around a month now. Went there the day after grand opening and did'nt find much. Collectors (like me) had swept thru. Well today was my day. Walked to the dsiplays and lo and behold five mystery cars hanging in plane site. Also a TH. My first TH ever. Found some other HW's that I wanted and some MB's as well.

Lo and behold. The Mystery car I most wanted. The VW Beetle. It was in the first one I opened and boy was I ever hoping for a second one.

I like the ghost flames on the side and hood.

The bottom of the Maserati has a chrome HW swoosh. Very nice touch.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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