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It was brought up in earlier posts that the wheels/rims on Fresh Cherries could not be changed out due to the way they were manufactured.

After doing some alterations I have discovered this is NOT true.

1. Obviously on the screw base models the easiest choice is to simply swap the whole barbell out.

2. The FC tire looks like it is molded in a way so that it can't be taken off the thick rim hub. This is not true as the compound is more pliable than other brands. What you need to do is first back the tire off the rim itself backwards then angle the tire and start to work it over and off the rim just like you see a real tire placed on a rim. The smaller hole in the rear looks like it will not make it over the rim but it does indeed make it without ruining the tire or the small hole.

3. Once the tire is removed, it you want to replace it with a JL brand white letter style tire, it will easily fit on the FC rim. It may be a little tight but it does work. You can also use a FC tire on a JL barbell as well. It seems the FC tire is one guage size larger but it can be done and as an example you can look at the Chevette I did earlier. To get the FC tire over the black JL rear rim you may want to consider taking a cross cut in the FC small hole to save pressure on your fingers. It's not a must but it does help.

Just a little FYI clip for those out there discovering the fun of customizing.

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