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Fresh Cherries Escort hits Autoblog!

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Always fun to see diecast on the real car sites. Some of the comments are very amusing.


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I gave up, was there anything posted about the quality of the casting itself? Seemed all 1:1 to me.
I picked up my little white 1/87 Escort last weekend. Now, if they could just make the 1989 Escort GT. I bought one brand new back in late 1988, and I don't care what those folks say, I enjoyed that little car. It was cheap, comfortable, had some pep, and it was the whitest white I had ever seen. I sold it to my sister in law, and she drove it for many years without a problem.
Heck! I even had a 1986 Escort wagon, with a diesel! Now that was a cruisin' vessel!
Mark, all 1:1 talk. I just find it kinda cool that any diecast gets some air time on real car sites.


I should have paid more attention. After the blister blog yesterday you'd think I'd know better by now. These are usually personal perspective driven. I had an Escort of that vintage and felt it was an excellent car for the time. Our new Focus on the other hand pales in comparison.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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