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Greetings! :wave:

Ok, so I started working on these over a year ago, and technically they have been ready to release for about a year but I keep running in to hosting problems. Recently I had a chance to revisit them in Adobe Illustrator and make a few tweaks here and there. They are designed to be used with MMI's PE cockpit panel set but you could use them by themselves of course...

I've discussed their release with John at MMI and he was cool with it. I've also spoken with (emailed) Joel Owens, http://www.joelowens.org/, for permission to use some of his research without which these wouldn't be possible. Thanks guys!

Without further ado, the Adobe Illustrator file:


I've tried saving these to jpg for you guys, but they never seemed to turn out right and printouts of the jpgs compared to the vectors were never very good. Printouts of the svg and ai files look excellent, however. I used a Canon Pixma MP560 for my printouts.

I've tested Inkscape with this file and it will import the AI file I linked to so there shouldn't be a problem - everyone should be able to use what's up there now, one way or another (since Inkscape is free, afterall)...

The vector formats have the advantage of being easily scalable too, so you could resize these as needed.

Close up you will notice that they are a bit simplified, with almost no text or numbers in the graphic. I did include them originally but they just didn't show up when printed so I omitted them. What I did inlcude (CORA, the lables on the engine buttons, etc.) are almost too small to be readable.

Finally, the layout may look a little strange - that's because the decals follow the layout of the fret I used as reference. Theoretically I should be able to paint the fret white and print the decals to clear paper, then lay them all over the fret in one shot. I haven't tried that yet, but that's the idea.

They are free to do with as you wish.

Mark in Okinawa
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