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Frankenstein Conquers the world

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I did this one couple weeks ago sculpted by Shawn Nagle for AI.Its from the Japanese flick Baragon vs Frankenstein or better known as Frankenstein Conquers the world.Its 1/6 scale kit and goes well with the Baragon Billiken kit that have and gotta get moving on building and painting up.But anyway thought you all like to see FranKy Boy;)

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Thanks guys for commenting:dude:.Plus still gotta add Baragon to the mix:freak::thumbsup:
Thanks guys for commenting and Originally this movie was suppose to have Godzilla vs Frankenstein.Mark,yap his eyes are blue in this flick.:dude:
Thanks Rat salad for commenting:thumbsup:.When did this kit couple weeks back used 100% my Iwata airbrush with comart paints and citadel washes for the shading ect.But still believe you can get good results for fleshtones with brushes as still use those also on my kits:dude:.Mark the artist oils gotta try those out next.:thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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