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Fantastic Plastic is pleased to officially announce the "launch" of its "Classic Rocketship Series." This will be a series of sci-fi and concept rockets -- and maybe even REAL rockets -- from the 1920s-1960s in a consistent 1:288 scale.

Leading off the series is the Luna from George Pal's 1950 classic, "Destination Moon." The kit was mastered and cast by Dave "Blappy" Guertin with help from Rogers Rocketships. It has seven pieces, including a moonscape display stand and a decal nameplate by JBOT. The complete display stands 6.75 inches high.

One special note: Dave took very special care to make this casting as flawless as possible. The main body has NO SEAM LINES and the wings are all pinned for easy, perfect assembly.

The Luna sells for just $52 and is available now at the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store. Here's the link to the page:


Next in the series will be the "Friede" moon rocket from Fritz Lang's 1929 "Frau im Mond." Other kits in the queue include the Ark from "When Worlds Collide" and the Rocketship X-M.
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