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There was just something about this one that seemed to call my name.

While I was rambling around up in the hills I spotted a '40 Ford at an old house on a side road. I couldn't help but notice that it just looked a little different in the way it "sat". When I took a closer look I found that it had originally been painted black so I looked a little closer.

Upon further inspection it seems that some time ago the original flathead had been yanked out and a Cadillac V8 of substantial proportions had been shoehorned into the engine bay along with a pretty beefy straight drive transmission that looks suspiciously like a LaSalle had also been added. The passenger side seat didn't match so it must have been added to balance out the other truck style seat. I think that maybe the original seat may have been removed when the divider panel from the interior to the trunk had likewise been taken out. The clincher was when I crawled underneath and saw the shackles and overload springs still intact. Boys, it looks like I've found me an original "runner"!

Needless to say, I hid my excitement until money changed hands and I got out of the driveway and a safe distance down the road. She handles like a dream and you should hear "the pipes come grumb'lin' down the road". No trouble on the drive home and it never saw anything it was scared of anywhere on the run. Anybody got a line on some black enamel and some Mason jars?

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