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found creepsters 3 pack with eye beam chase car at top

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went to shopko same single creepsters that they had when i got my bone head chase car but i saw some 3 packs 5$ each they had 6 2 diff assortments and they had 3 of each well there were 2 with a green eye beam and 1 with grey eye beam so i got it and also for 4$ i found one of those spectra flame blue hw whips cars

the 3 pack has

eye beam top
mouth off middle
brain storm bottom

dont remember what the other one had in it but none where grey so i didnt look to hard lol
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vw-wl-collector said:
shopko ... creepsters 3 packs 5$ each
What are single CREEPSTERS going for?
Saw some tonight for the first time, marked $1.49. Didn't buy any and not sure that I will. My son didn't ask me to buy any so I think that is a sign that I won't be.
TRU has the three packs too...I got the WEBMASTER Gray Lightning last night.

Chicago :hat:
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