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hello. first time poster long time "player with of matchbox cars"
I was looking through the stacks the other day for the volvo wagons and miatas.
and i found this error.
immediately i picked it up and took it with me.

I was wondering if this forum could give me some advise on this piece. or possible value.

It looks like some packing material got caught in something. and then got into the machines and into the box.

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This is still probably the best write up I have come across for packaging errors

The type of 'error' above is a niche within a niche. Here is the best part of the write up

It is very difficult to put a price to a piece of error car, it varies from one collector to another and it depends on how badly a collector wants to possess the piece or at what price the collector in possession of such piece would like to let go. However, some errors are definitely rarer than others and thus fetch a much better price.

Most error cars are not “one of a kind” but it is true to say that there is a small quantity of it distributed all over the place. Even though there are several hundreds or thousands of error cars out there but it is still rare when we consider there are a few million pieces of the same car without error, produced and distributed worldwide. There are indeed very few pieces of “one of a kind” error cars out there and it is extremely difficult to locate and identify and some may have been lost forever when children unknowingly picked up these pieces, removed it from the blister pack, plays with it and eventually ends up as thrash.

For me the one above would stay in my collection more as a conversation piece than one ever of any great value. 🤙
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