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From a Formula One Champion Racing set that was acquired around 2001, these four 1/64s are suppose to feature authentic details and fast running wheels. The Realtoy set is number 8622.

The SUV truck is a Mercedes-Benz, and the car is a Ferrari Testarossa.

M-B truck has markers: "Formula", "Racing Team Group","Champion", and "01".

Ferrari markers include: "Rescue", "Motor Sport", "Formula", "03", "Gumout", "CIBIE", "Hawk", and "Michael Ray".

Red racer markers: "Agid", "16", "Bridgestone", "Turbo", "Hawk", "Super Power", and "Racing".

White racer markers: "Buffalo", "Hurricane", "10", "Bridgestone", and "Champion".

The set also contained some out-of-scale assessories, like an oversized fire extinguisher and two huge oil drums, and a couple of undersized flags and flag poles.

Both F-1 racers as well as the truck and car do NOT have identification on the chassis other than "Made in China".

What do you think about'em?

Thanks for looking....

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