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Wow!!! Some cool stuff I didn't even know existed!!! Thanks for postin up some pics guys.
AK, con you post up some closer pics of the more interesting cars?
1. Grand Prix cars from Canada, Great Britain, Australia and USA represent the race (and the safety cars behind)
2. World Champion two car sets.
3. McLaren non-tobacco cars had drivers' names in same script and font as "West" tobacco.
4. Ferrari Qantas special edition

Now, believe it or not, I have sold so many of these, because I am keeping just the Ferraris. I had about 1000, and am down to less than 200.


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Bought this one for my son, (a looong time ago) but put it away after it left an imprint on the bottom of my foot.






As much as I wish these were something besides rossa, there just isn't much else out there of these vintage in 64th.
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