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did a lot of trading this weekend
frist i got
chevy tunnder 71 chevelle w/l
chevy thunder chevy bel air w/l
clue viper w/l
coke chevelle wagon w/l
high impact muscle 71 mustang w/l
muscle cars usa dart swinger 340 w/l
muscle cars usa 71 challenger rt/340 w/l
hp pontiac 69 gto w/l
mopar muscle 1970 gtx w/l
working class trucks/suvs 62 vw pick up w/l
classic gold 58 vette w/l
4 otta 6 firebrid set re1 w/l no rubber tires tho
how trans am w/l
american glory 70 torino w/l
and the holy gral of the
bunch classic gold 69 charger rt/se w/l
not a bad weekend ??????????????
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