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Looking to do some trading at the Fest with the extra regular issues that I have lying around, so here's my advance list. All mint on card except for the pre-production VW, which is in a baggie. Wants are at the end of the list.

Playing Mantis pre-production car: VW Type II pickup 2002 Fest Car (has redline B wheels instead of rubber tires) Have more details if interested.

Rubber tire variations (trade for rubber tire Zingers)
Rebel Rods r1 Boss-a-Nova chrome X 2
Rebel Rods r1 Tow-Nado black X 3
Rebel Rods r3 Tow-Nado blue
Rebel Rods r3 Cheetah white
Rebel Rods r3 ’57 Vette gasser green
Mopar or No Car r3 1970 ‘Cuda green
Mopar or No Car r3 1998 Viper GTS red X 2
Street Freaks Spoilers ’69 Dodge Super Bee chrome
Street Freaks Spoilers ’64 GTO bronze

10th Anniversary
’33 Ford Delivery blue X 2

1967 Camaro green (plastic tires)
1967 Camaro yellow (plastic tires)

Classic Gold
r24 Hurst Olds black
r23 Shelby Cobra Daytona blue
r11 Ford F-450 “Clark’s Service” Tow Truck red
r5 ’41 Willys red

Other regular issues
Rebel Rods r1 Boss-a-Nova chrome (plastic tires)
Rebel Rods r1 Tow-Nado black (plastic tires)
Muscle Cars 3 r5 1967 GTO light blue
American Heroes r1 JLPD Tow Truck white
Holiday Classics 2002 VW Bus purple
Lightning Speed VW Bus brown/tan
Street Freaks r8 American Glory ’41 Willys pickup
Mopar or No Car r5 1971 Challenger purple

JL Exclusive polarlights.com Meat Wagon

Matchbox SuperFast

#6 Ford Mustang GT Concept green
#8 1965 Ford Mustang GT orange
#13 1932 Ford coupe red/flames
#16 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C white
#17 1967 VW Bus maroon
#18 1970 Pontiac GTO red
#19 1971 Camaro Z28 green
#21 Chevy SSR yellow
#22 VW New Beetle convertible orange
#41 Ford GT white
#62 1968 Mercury Cougar light green

Rubber tire Zingers
’70 Super Bees from the first round of Muscle Cars (any color)
Newest Muscle cars release (rubber tires)
RC Mint Edition cars
Muscle Cars 3 release 4 (Cuda, Challenger, Rebel, Demon, Torino)
Street Freaks (original series) release 2 1967 GTO blue

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I think I can help out with the super bees ,RC mint cars and some of the muscle series 3 cars . I;ll do some digging and bring them to the fest. Maybe we can do some trading Saturday evening after the warehouse sale. Chuck. :)
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