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HotWheels for sale or trade

I have the following HotWheels for sale or trade:

1 2007 Treasure Hunt Tooned 69Camaro Z28(green)#03 of 12(BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)SOLD!!!!!!

1 2007 New models Dodge Charge SRT8(package opened slightly,but car is mint %100!!,metallic red) #07 of36 is brand new!

1 Code cars Rocket Box(yellow) brand new!!(also this has a msitake on the back of the card it is missing the cr number in the black box!) #06 of 24

1 Code cars Xtreemster(copper orange) brand new! #12 of 24

1 Hall of Fame Legends Zora Arkus-Duntov card+Corvette .new in package still.has real ruber tiresred/silver corvette race car(1st vette!!!)

1 Hall of Fame Legends Steve Saleen card+Saleen S7 (mettalic red) has same features as the vette still sealed

if you want pictures just email me with offers and NO LOW BALLERS.

[email protected]
I am open to trades too...I am mainly looking for anything Skyline,Supra's,Civic's,Integra's,Accord's,Eclipse's,Lancer Evo's mainly in 1/25 or 1/24th scale models!

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pic's have been sen out to those that have inquired about them.............have pic's of all the cars now.......please email or post if you want pic's of them...also I am now asking $10 plus shipping for the Treasure Hunt camaro

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I'm adding more cars up to the block now guys.
here they are:

2007 Models:
#1 palm green Challenger Concept
#4 '69 Ford Mustang black with red stripes
#7 Yellow with black accents SRT8 Charger(yes i got the red one still!)
#10 Buick Grand National Burgandy colored
#11 Wastelander dirtbike dark gray with black accents and red wheels
#15 1966 batmobile with mesh grill
#16 '70 Pontiac Firebird blue with white and black accents and chrome scoop and turboes and chrome exhuast tips

I have 1 Mystery car also
2007 All Stars:
Ford Thunderbolt...white with yellow and black lightening bolts accents and white wheels
Gold Rides:
#3 Humvee
#4 Unobtainium 1

Code cars:
#17 AMG Mercedes CLK DTM greyish silver with dark gray hood
i have more code cars,please email me for pic's and lsit of them!!

I also got a newer Oscar Mayer WienerMobile

make some offers guys .......I am open to trades also.......................I'll have pic's by tomorrow night when i get home from work!!

[email protected]
or PM me
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