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For Fresh Cherries fans............

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please check out the new topic placed in the Johnny Lightning forum titled "AutoFest updates" I know it would be better if I posted here as well but my very limited computer skills means I don't have the knowledge how to cut and paste it so perhaps you would do me the honor of going there to check out the latest FC possibilities and news. MotorMax has been very helpful to date in taking the show to a new level. It should bring new excitement to both JL and FC collectors and let's face it fans of 1:64th scale die-cast collectors in general. We have exciting plans being drawn up as we speak by not one but two talented artists. Velocity studios is working on some exciting Pace Car options and Mike Groothuis of Playing Mantis and RC2 fame is working up the ADDWC Charity Car castings.

Please take some time out to take a look and voice an opinion because we want the shw to be the best for you.

Many Thanks

Mark Hosaflook
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Mark Hosaflook said:
There is a strong chance a date can be finalized in the next three weeks. Waiting to hear on some details before we can lock that in. Chances are a late August or mid September date is in order.

I am in negotiations with more than one die-cast contributor to the show this year. No one manufacturer will have a lock on all castings due to this year's circumstances. There are some interesting additions and options we now have. JL will still be the emphasis of the show but Motormax and the Fresh Cherries brand has really stepped up to be a contributing factor on the die-cast side of the show. I know if I ask you to pick a casting, no real consensus will be found as everybody will have an opinion. My question is instead two parts...................

1. Do you want to continue the previous tradition of paid sponsor logos on the car like the Mustang was last year? A race car Nascar style logo format.

2. If a Fresh Cherries special factory color casting is used would you support the program like you would if it was a JL casting or would that keep you from supporting this program and prefer only JL castings be used?

Many thanks.
Now MM readers can post responses here too.
Thank you! Looks like some great feedback coming from the JL side of things.
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