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ok racers this may be my last message for awhile? last time we got 90mph winds and had no power for 4 days ..no phone..no cable..no telephone.. no comunication at all! so i'll post this now in hopes it helps?

race # 4 as of today will be help at RPM speedway in orlando florida
saturday sept 25th doors will open at 7 am racing to begin at 11:30 am
friday the doors will open at 2 pm and practice all day for 10.00

for class info and rules check out www.focars.net

this is set as long as RPM and the rest of my oval family survive this monster named francis. please calling my cell phone that has no signal doesn't help,lol. if i cant find a computer that has access to the net dont worry about my cell phone. my plans are to board up my windows and head out of town thursday night. i'm taking as much as will fit in my explorer. this goes for rich and ed as well. none of us are stupid enough to stick around thise time.

please stay safe and do not do anything stupid!

if for some miracle it misses all of us than this message will be for nothing.... but oh man i sure would be happy....

phil owen is one of my contacts ..please if he leaves a message take it as if i posted the message myself. i dont pray very often but i'm going to try every angle possible! i hope monday mroning this was just a crazy nightmare... stay safe everyone....
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