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I haven't posted anything for a while....... but here is one that has been under wraps for a month, as it was entered in a competition on another site.

The theme for the comp was Pickup Trucks and the Flashsider was entered in the "Mild" category.
After the voting was done it earned 2nd place.

Hotwheels "since 68" '56 Flashsider
Body was stripped and prepped for black base, multilayer blue truefire flames and clearcoat
Aluminium tape for window trim, door handles, headlights and blinkers.
Candy for blinkers and brake lights.
Polished bumpers and grille, black wash on grille
California licence plate on back
Wheelswap from Maisto Playerz BMW 645Ci

Thanks for looking
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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