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Round two of Short Course Summer Cup in Finland took place recently at the Tammisaari SC track. Track was recently modified for SC trucks and it gave a great racing experience. The rrack was a lot rougher than what tracks usually are in Finland, but due to that it created some great off-road experience and good reviews from racers. For the first time in the SC winter or summer cup, 4wd cars outnumbered 2wd cars by having 23 participants over 12 in 2wd. As in previous round in Vantaa, Mikko Pyhältö in 4wd and Riku Tolonen in 2wd took first places after the qualifying heats. We also saw new drivers climbing to the A finals which shows that there is a wide range of drivers that can compete for the top positions.

In the 2wd finals Riku kept dominating and took wins in first 3 finals and confirmed his win of the round before the final heat. Miro Simonen gave Riku a hard time during the first final and took the win in last final. Riku is leading series after two rounds with maximum points. Matti Peltoniemi is second and Miro Simonen third.

Final 2wd Top 5:
1. Riku Tolonen
2. Miro Simonen
3. Matti Peltoniemi
4. Henry Kanerva
5. Henrik Andersson

In the 4wd finals the question was could someone challenge Mikko Pyhältö for first place. In the first final Kai Jämsä gave Mikko steady pressure and after a great run helped by a few mistakes by Mikko he took win. In the three remaining heats Mikko proved that he had what it takes to win races and took fairly easy wins in the remaining heats and the overall win for the round. Mikko is leading the 4wd series with maximum points followed by Kai Jämsä and Henrik Andersson.

Final 4wd Top 5:
1. Mikko Pyhältö
2. Kai Jämsä
3. Henrik Andersson
4. Mikko Mäkelä
5. Sami Jalo

Click here to view the embedded video.

Next round will be 28.7 at Turku where we will have freshly renovated SC track running inside of M8 track.

Thanks to Tero Piipponen for the report.

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