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Finished Martian War Machine

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I finished this up yesterday finally....

The martian hand is made from Sculpee baking clay, then airbrushed with Autoaire on it and the base itself. I added a few LED's under the hand to give a glowing light affect...

Paint is Autoaire Pearl Copper, with 6 coats of House of Kolors Kosmic Klear, with green pearl and rainbow flake powder added to the mix. It's really stunning in the sunlight.

Many thanks to Randy at VoodooFx for promoting this build. You can see how it was all wired in the lighting section of this forum. The light kit works great!
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That is really a sweet build you have done there.:thumbsup: A really nice take on the colours and the hand is a cool touch (no pun intended), I like the lighting job too. :)


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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