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First, sorry not to have any pics but then again I am at work ;) At lunch today I went to the nearby WM and found 6 Mystery (misery?) cars which is almost unheard of around here. They were the black 'Cuda, two of the Dodge trucks, one of the movie type Batmobile, a burgandy 'vette and the Side Draft. Also grabbed a couple of the black '69 stangs, an orange Cougar and the new yellow Dodge Charger SRT8.
Yesterday after church I stopped into the Meijers store and bought 3 Classics; a chrome blue Mach 1 (which I already had one) and a chrome '67 Camaro 'vert with black stereo stripes with white lettered tires and also a chrome '69 Camaro 'vert that had thin red stripes on the hood (ala the '69 markings) and it had redline tires.
Still unable to find a TH in the wild but it is always fun looking. BTW, when cars are released to they appear first on the west coast and migrate east? I read and see folks getting the TV Batmobile and the Buick GN but it is always weeks ahead or more of anything showing up in Ohio.
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