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Packed - ready to go - bring it on brothers and sisters!

FYI - Looking for lit if anyone has anything they want to bring with them:

Restorable / Older:

Sikus - into the luxury cars mostly but will consider anything except trucks as they are out of scale

Majorettes (into the luxury cars mostly but will consider anything except trucks as they are out of scale)

Older Matchbox Cars - no trucks as they are not true scale

New Matchbox Checker cabs - looking for mutiples

JLs - Few more Karman Ghias, Hurst Olds, H2s (delaer versions - I believe black, and drk green (multiples) and then one or two of the marroon Anniv ones)

Playart - Cars no trucks

Impy - Cars

Again, I am not afraid of restorables as that is what I end up doing anyway - doors in good shape and glass in good shape are really my main criteria.

I will be at my booth if you need to find me, running the custom contest.

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I'm also looking for older diecast.

Aside from Johnny Lightnings, and the above mentioned brands, I'm always on the lookout for Yatming and Zylmex cars.

And on the new side, I'm hoping to pick up some of the new Superfasts that I've missed so far.

See you all there!

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Mod's Shameless Plug II

Howdy folks,
I will be bringing a boatload (the box I shipped ahead is over 50 lbs!!) of Topper items to sell at the Fest including many hard to find items including a Condor (complete), Vultures (complete) GTO's (including a very rare colored purple sealed door in MINT condition), peach-red mirror T-Bird and violet mirror El Camino two open door Ferraris, a super rare smooth tank Wild Winner and many, many other cars.

Also Track sets and a Unser case (chok full of cars).

Will be bring Hot Wheel items too.

Also if you are into off brand vintage cars (non HW, non JL) such as Remco Racing Wheels, Playart, Fast 111's (a whole case including Fast 111's belt buckle!) Impy, Matchbox etc, come see me.

I will be sharing a table with my Mini-Motors "bro" Dipstick.

And of course, those of you that are into WL's come check out what I have.

I will stand on my head til my ears are turning red to make you a deal!

I am modsquad, and I approve of this message... :thumbsup: :wave:

(All proceeds to fund another Mac G5 for mod's business).

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Just Remember...You Asked For It!

Well, I may as well post my want list, in case you might have any of them:


Pinto hatchback
Pinto Cruising Wagon ("Minivan")
Country Squire

I need multiples of each- one of each in good condition, and beaters of each for custom projects. Also, I'm seeking a DeLorean for a friend.


Volvo 1800
1967 Mustang


Chrysler New Yorker? Dodge Polara? (large early '70s Chrysler sedan) (need at least one in good shape, and at least two beaters for customs)
Oldsmobile (Omega) (likewise, need a good one and a beater)
Volvo 245DL
Jeep Cherokee


Winnebago (beater)
Honda Civic wagon (one good and one beater)
Late '80s Honda Civic hatchback (one good and one beater)


1001: Lamborghini Miura
1002: '70 Corvette
1003: Astro 1
1004: Lamborghini Marzal
1005: Adams Probe 16
1006: Toyota 2000 GT
1007: Nissan Laurel 2000SGX
1010: Jaguar E-Type
1012: Mercedes 450 SEL
1014: Saab Sonnet
1017: BMW 2800
1019: Porsche Audi
1020: Porsche 910
1022: Chevron
1023: Porsche 917
1036: Toyota Supra (beaters)
1045: '78 Corvette
1051: Rolls Royce Phantom VI
1052: Lincoln Mark IV (beaters)
1054: Dodge Coronet
1055: Toyota Crown
1056: Dodge Aspen (beaters)
1058: Volvo 244DL (one good and one beater)
1059: Lamborghini Miura Jota
1061: Mercedes 450 SEL
1063: Citroen CX2200
1067: 1979 Mustang (beaters)
1071: Chevy Chevette (beater)
1085: Pontiac Firebird
1086: Chevy Camaro
7116: Nissan Silvia 2000


Mustang II hatchback
Chevy Nova
Ford Falcon
Rambler Torino


Ford Mustang T-5
Buick Wildcat
Cadillac 75 limo
Oldsmobile Toronado
Pontiac Bonneville
Lincoln Continental MK III
1970 Porsche 911 Targa police


"Volkswagen Porsche" (Porsche 914/6) yellow, with black roof, to replace one I destroyed in my youth, because I figured Volkswagen doesn't make Porsche, therefore this can't be a real car.
Isuzu 117
Jenson Interceptor FF
Land Rover
Lancia Fulvia 1600
Lotus Elite
1969 Ford Mustang coupe
AMC Javelin SST
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Omni 024
Chevy Caprice Taxi


Chevy Chevette pizza delivery
Chevy Caprice coupe (one good and beaters)

Mini Lndy:

AMC Gremlin (what else? ;) )

I can't wait to see the Toppers, too. If you've got any common (affordable!) ones, I may buy a few of them too.

Of course, all of the above have to be at the right price. No, I'm not talking $.50 as I've joked about before, but the price has to be reasonable (I've got a lot of wants and a limited budget!). In case anyone is wondering, the beaters are for custom projects (I don't like to customize cars better than a C-6 or so, unless it's a blister fresh new release or a common model from the past few years). Sadly, I cannot afford most of what's listed above, so it may come down to which ones I want the most. Also, there are many other cars by the above brands that I'm neglecting to mention... but you asked for a list. ;)
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