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Did You Get a PSR?

Fest PSR 2004.

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I know they didnt give out all of the PSR's what did they do with the extras? Lets see what numbers are left also. I know that #'s 1-11 were not avalible, # 12 was auctioned, #'s 13 - 15 Not avalible, and that #39 was the one used in the races, because it had no engine.

I personally have #71. :devil:
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Ahhhhhh, from the mouth's of babes. A question many would love to ask but are perhaps afraid and I think it is a fair question. You are correct in that some low numbers are given out prior to Fest. These go to the ones who work the events so you can have a good time. Since they are working and don't have a chance to enjoy racing all day long, I think it only fair that they get one, don't you? Some go to my friends at PM as well since they are busy at the WS and don't have time to come over to play.

Anything I do, I factor in extras. One reason is that cars often time come damaged or the blisters are bad. Proof of this problem is all the people who came up to me with a Dinner set and asked for a replacement. Since there were no extras I could only offer a refund. If I had extras, I could switch them out. Also as you noted the racing car had no engine. As good as PM is, there are errors and I wouldn't want to hand out a less than perfect car if I could help it.

I also have to assume that the same person who beats the car in a heat will not win the bracket so I have to figure on two cars going out a race. This year, the same person often times won both and we only give out one car so that means we have extras. It is never planned on but it happened this year more than ever.


It is not my goal to keep these for myself so I will gladly offer up the unsold cars to people on HT first. The problem is, I have no idea what people feel the value is. Would you guys be willing to sign up for some kind of raffle system to decide who can buy one and at what price do you feel is fair?

As always, once I get unpacked there will be a few sets of Dinner Cars as well. Those that have flaws will be clearly described prior to the sale as well.

I'm all ears, sell the PSR's and for how much?

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What about donating them for next year's Charity Auction?

You mean to the people who didn't show this year in person? Hmmmmmm. LOL
good idea Rob. i would see that as a wonderful contribution.
another thing that would be fun, is if the racer PSR from each year is still around, racing them aginst each other.

The previous PSR cars couldn't hold their own to this year's. They were in the past very slow to make sure people won them. Only one poor sole (no names please) had the pain of losing to one over and over and over. This year, all the cosmic tumblers fell in place and it was a screamer.

There is one casting of LF fame that I was kept out of the loop on and I have no desire to bring it out of retirement to race.
*nods* this years car was quite tough to beat. Another thing about the races, will there be more classes next year? SUV, Truck, Working Class?

and what about creadting a registry of the PSR cars?
I did not get one.....and I'm OK with that....no biggie.
ozmont said:
I got #22 for winning the Topper class. :D
Hey that purple Custom L was quick. I made it to the semis but the purple Stilletto beat me and then you beat it, congrats.
i sure would have liked to have got one by actually winning a race. i would probably buy one if the price was right but it just wouldnt be the same as actually winning one,,,,,,,,
Tger_FoxMark said:
and what about creadting a registry of the PSR cars?
Now that's a great idea!
You set it up and I'll send you my #'s.
I don't personally care who got what # and how as long as it wasn't stolen.
Why put off till next year what you can do this year,the cars were produced for 2004 fest so the proceeds should benefit Logan this year. I'm sure people will step up again next year.

Why not auction them off on the board like some of the other charity auctions that happened here.Auction them off 1 at a time, In order to keep people from holding out for a lower priced auction do not let people know how many will be auctioned...could be 1 auction,could be 15 auctions.

I would like a shot at one,my son agreed to trade his to me for a schwinn sting ray but I feel guilty about taking his...he won it.

Tger_FoxMark said:
and what about creadting a registry of the PSR cars?
I'm with MrStubbs...great idea...set it up and I'll send our numbers,between my Son and I over the last 3 yrs we have 4 PSR's:cool:
I'd like to buy the dinner cars, since I didn't get them....Had a great time at the dinner, but I have to send the set to the guy who couldn't make it to the Fest.

I would be interested in buying one of the dinner car sets also and I think auctioning off the extra psr's would be a good idea .
I agree with Rob that they should go to a charity auction.

I would also like to see a registry of all PSR's, Thank You Cars, and Dinner Cars. This could also help if one gets stolen.
Wyatt said:
I would also like to see a registry of all PSR's, Thank You Cars, and Dinner Cars. This could also help if one gets stolen.
I'm keeping a registry of all the HobbyTalk Exclusive 350Z's. I plan on documenting ownership changes too. I can tell you from first hand experience it is a lot of work. Of course I'm trying to keep up with more than 50 to 75 cars too. I plan on working with Anthony creating a web site that I can post the registry. When I get that far, maybe I can give a shot at adding the PSR's, Thank You, and Dinner Cars too. Give me some time and I'll work out the details and give it a try. :thumbsup:
anyone have an idea on how i should set up the registry? one section for each year, divided by car class?
any ideas and tips would be appriciated.

Mark Grummell
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