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Sometime in the 1970s, Faie castings began to appear commercially. Their series names included "My Favour (?) Collection", "Neon Runner", "Speed Wheels", "Swift Runner", and "Swift Motor". These were offered as single carded cars sold primarily in grocery store locations. Their earliest vehicles had both the 'Faie' brand name and 'Made in Hong Kong' on the base plate with later castings only having the country of origin listed. Faie is also noted (by a double reference in the same listing) to have distributed castings made by other manufactures of unknown origins, but at the same time - and in the same reference - identifies Universal as a known maker for Faie branded offerings (?).

Faie's "Neon Runner" series was marketed with a 'Star' label on the card back as a Canadian distributor based in Toronto, Ontario.

Faie's "Swift Runner" series was marketed with a "Montrose Industries" label on the card back as a Canadian distributor based in Montreal, Quebec.

During the early 1980s, BC International issued (4) Faie made diecasts as "Sport Racers". BC is thought to be the same as Boley Corporation.

In the 1990s, Hartin International offered their "Cool Rides" series in sinlge and (2) packs which included a few castings that appear to have been also offered by Faie.

In the early 2000s, "The Little Beetle" was issued as a pull back vehicle with a key chain attached. A Ford casting; previously made by Universal, was issued as the "Big Rig" truck.

Toys & More Trading Corporation also issued Faie made castings models in their "Big Rig Transport Truck".

Faie is noted to also be one of two Hong Kong brands with an associations to Norev , but it is unclear by the references - if they made castings for Norev or they also had their own casting made by Hong Kong factories like them.

Known Castings
8801 - Lotus 76
BJ40LV-KC - Toyota Land Cruiser 40
Volkswagen/Porsche Tapiro

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