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New oval race program starting at Extreme Hobbies & raceway Park 08-06-04. Track will be open all day and racing will begin at 7:30pm. Classes will be determined by what showes up. RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG !!!

130' run line asphalt oval.Lighted

631 Commerce Lane
Parchment, MI 49004


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Even though I was not at this race I can tell you that I have been at this track many times and from what I understand... They had a real good turn out last Friday (08-06-04). You will never find a better group of people racing R/C and some of the fastest R/C vehicles I have ever seen has been at this track. The rules are simple... "NO WHINING!). In addition... The track director "Frenchie" will bend over backwords to make sure that your car is running top notch.
Our next race date is Fri. 8-20-04.
Races start at 7:30 pm.
The first nite of racing had 13 entries, we are expecting more this Fri.
Hope to see everyone at the track.
The race date has been changed to Sat. 8-21-04.
The track will be open for practice all morning.
Races will start around 1:00 pm
Where's Parchment? I was up in MI a week ago and couldn't find a track to save my life.
Parchment is just north of Kalamazoo, Mi.
It is so close to Kalamazoo it could be a suburb of.
Hello Butch,

I am glad to see you are starting some oval track racing in Kalamazoo. Are you thinking about starting some carpet racing?

What classes are you trying to grow? Stock truck, Legends, Bolink Sprinters, Pan cars (4 cell stock, 19 turn, spec, etc)

Do you have electric available? Do we need to bring tables and chairs?

Are you planning to hold the races on Saturday or Friday? How often do plan on holding races? How long do you plan to hold races this year?

I live up by Mt. Pleasant, but I have family near Kalamazoo.


Don D
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We will run what ever you bring, just getting started so if you bring it you will run. Classes so far have been nitro touring,electric touring, gas and electric trucks, monster trucks, and our spec class which is the Duratrax Delphi indy type cars.
We have power. You will need a table and chair.
WE run on Sat. At this time we do not have an inside location.
It is a little late but we are going to race on Sat. 9-4-04.
Track should be ready by 10:00am for practice.
Races will start at 1:00
On 6-4-05 we will be having an oval race.
Track will be ready by 10:00am and racing will start at 1:00pm.
Cost is $10.00 for first class and $8.00 for second class.
Nitro and electric are welcome.
On 6-18-15 we will be racing on our 130' run line asphault oval.
You bring it we will find a place or class for you to run in.
See you on the 18th.
Our next race date is 7-9-05.
Each race day the entries are growing. Hope to see you on the 9th.
Race day is Sat 7-9-05, looking forward to a good turn out.
Our next race will be 7-30-05
If you had some dirt it would be a lot more fun. :cool:
Hey Butch, no reason for "sorry". Hard top and carpet is for grip and fast racin; and dirt is for gardens or whatever. Hope is all going well with you this summer.
dirt is for racing carpet is so your feet don't get cold pavment is for getting to the race :tongue:
Race day is Sat.7-30-05, it looks like we will have abetter turn out than usual.
Should have possibly 2 heats of nitro, at least 1 hest of pan cars, and aheat or 2 of stadium trucks.
You bring um, wewill run them.
Butch what is the web site? I tried the ones that you mentioned.

Hope to race you again soon!
I was not able to get your pan car for you.
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