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Excellent Road Race video

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Jeff, of diecastAUDIO, dug this video up on MySpace. Very talented dude!


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That is so cool I had to watch it twice! Thanks for the link.

:cool: :thumbsup: ---midnightrun---- :wave:
Thats soo cooooool!!!!!
Ben looks coool! :wave:
WOW... Amazing. I just love my diecast even more, I Emailed the guy. I bet that took foreever to make. Good talent... That 34 Ford & 40 Coupe were funny, Love the sounds :)
i wanna see how big that train layout it. even built an alley behind the rows of houses. wow
That was freaking sweet! I think I heard Steve McQueen shifting up and down the gears. By far the best video I've ever seen on the net period!
That was totally awesome . My hat goes off to the guy who did that .
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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