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Great thread. The holy grail (or grails) that I am dreaming of of are on the early side of things. I am still trying to complete my 1994-95 commemerative collection and the "Holy Grails" of this series are these:

I was finally able to get the RED logo version Mustang so it's a crown jewel of sorts.

Thanks go to Mac Ragan and the Tomart guide for the picts.

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No Kidding? Me too!!! All I have are the Turbine, Mustang and Continental. All on yellow logo. This is a tough one to finish! I got these from here on HT... Love the old ones!

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Thanks for the pic Wyatt.

This is my grail, the WL version of THIS car! White wheels and white tires. This would be the completion of my '69 Impala collection and all would be right with the world once again, and I would be able to sleep better at night knowing that it is right in there with the rest of them (not counting the drop top test shot verison zinger that was not produced!) for all to see! Have been chasing this one since the beginning of this casting and have yet been able to acquire it! But it is the thrill of the chase after all and maybe one of these days...!
Cant wait to get started on the rest of the '65's! :rolleyes:
My dad had a '69 convertible with the 427 in it about 15 years ago. Man, I loved that car! It is definitely the one that got away!

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For me, it was the Star Trek WL's... what a pain to find, I finally gave up the active search. Out of those, the most desired was the release 5 1701.

Funny, but I have two each of those Fest '04 cars... It wasn't hard to get them, just had to drive from Florida to South Bend through a hurricane in time for dinner.


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Somebody on this board I believe has a Topper Commemorative Camaro, raw (unpainted) with a red interior and Commemorative #1 style wheels.

I want that car. And out there I would wager, must also be a Commemorative Charger that was made with it (raw, red interior and Com #1 wheels). I want that car too.

In my dreams...

Stan :dude:
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