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Have you ever had that one car you can't seem to find or get? I have that one unicorn, yes I've seen it on Ebay, but I have my $$ limits for cars I want, and this one is $10 or under shipped. I have the WL version of it and a WL Pre-production from the Playing Mantis days, but do you think I can get the regular version? Nope. There is one on Ebay now, time will tell.

Disclaimer: This thread is not a trade thread of WTB thread, just a thread for discussion on cars that you can't seem to find.

What's your Unicorn?

Pic thanks to JLCollector.com
I have a loose one and maybe even the insert picture card that came with it (if you want it I will check). Email me your addy and it is yours, my friend. I think it is also a Katrina survivor, floating around a shipyard on a desk inside a trailer. Luckily (if it was one that was on my desk, can't remember if I had replaced it by then) it did not fall of the desk into the water. I'll send it out when I get a chance but it is yours now.
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