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Evader Steering

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I'm posting this in offroad/dirt racing but it's causing hassles with tarmac usage too. I'm finding my Evader less than willing to turn sharply. I have to seriously back off the sped to get any sort of tight turn at all (excluding rear wheel slide oversteer).

I'm using the standard evader oil and yellow/lime green shocks. For tarmac I'm running Proline Strikers (quite flat and fairly low profile) and on dirt Losi 8 rib silvers up front and Proline Gladiator 2's on the rear.

I've tried the suggested tweaks in the manual (battery moved forward,
tops of rear shocks moved to the outermost position, front shocks moved outwards at top and bottom, less toe in at the front). Camber is currently set up to pretty much flat when running the tarmac tyres.

I'm using a Futaba S3003 steering servo which while not the fastest or hugest torque on the market ought to be giving me decent results.

Any suggestions? Could it simply be that I have the servo saver too loose? (If I move the front whees manually then the servo moves so it can't be *that* loose)

All suggestions gratefully accepted.

I gotta say I'm glad i'm just banging about at this stage and not racing.
(Thought I'd try to learn to drive first!)

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I would say you need heavier springs and oil in the rear shocks. For offroad I run white springs front and rear with 30 weight oil in front, 35 in the rear.
Many thanks Hankster.

I'll give it a shot soon. The other thing that has been suggested is pitching the regular Futaba servo and putting in high speed high torque hitec 625 metal gear and tightening up the servo saver to almost rigid.

Assistance appreciated,

i also have an evader, with an old futuba s3003 serva. what i did was pretty much lossen all of the turnbuckles a couple turns. i also loosened the servo saver arms. so if hanksters advice dosent work try this.
Ummmm... the message you replied to is over 2 years old ;)
hehehehehehe... He's new to the scene hankster.. but yeah... hehehehehehe
Oh it happens all the time... of course someone always has to point it out :eek:
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