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Yeah I see that.

One can look at this a few ways.

Nobody wants to tell.

Somebody thinks that is their "edge" and does not want to tell.

Nobody REALLY knows.

In the interest of full disclosure, not too long after I posted this thread I got a phone call from someone who took the time to explain it. It was from none other than the QSAC Co-Chair Tony Evans. He wanted to take the time to "talk" to me about this so that he would not have to type it, it is not that complicated but I did see his point in not wanting to type the stuff out.

And now I KNOW!!

Just one more thing in the arsenal of knowledge. :tongue:

Would some of you like me to share my newly gained, to me anyway, knowledge with you?

Well tough!

No seriously here it is in a nutshell.

Series "A" engines are the "Black cap" engines. That is the easy one.

Series "B" and "C" engines are a little more difficult.

There was a "point" at which the series changed and some "claim" to be able to tell by serial number but that has not been proven or at least no one has said "starting with serial number xxxxxxxxxxxx, the "C" series started". These have to be internally checked to see which engine you have. As far as I can tell, that is the only sure-fire 100% way to tell the difference.

Now if the engine has not been tampered with, even in the least bit, I mean changing the pull starter or anything, it is believed that when the engines started coming with the "new style" sticker on the pull-start that these were the "C" series engines.

But like I said, to be 100%, the engine needs to be internally checked.

There, now we all know. Was that really so hard? Nah.

I dare say if you beat me on the track, or I beat you it is not because of this bit of "knowledge". It will be because one of us hit the better setup or you at least worked as hard as I did. I guarantee it won't be because I got out-worked.

See ya at the North-South shootout!

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I believe I have a B and a C engine.
What I want to know is if I take the B.
And I rebuild it, which I did last fall.
And I use new stock. Not stuff that's been
sitting on someones shelf for 3 years. And
I have several times asked what did they change?:thumbsup:
And get vague replies. But sounds like the jug
or the jug and piston are different. So sounds like
the rest of the motor is the same. Wouldn't
that make my B motor now a C ? Port timing is
different but could hardly get some to tell me
what they changed to do this but sounds like jug and/or
piston. This is the reason I asked. So looks like
the serial number is meaningless now. So I know have
two C motors now. Correct?

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I believe yes, you now have two "C" engines.

Look in the QSAC rule book on engines. The port timing differences and similarities are listed in there.

You get vague replies because nobody really knows when the change took place. My guess is then Husky took it over they made some changes after they got control.
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