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It's a year ago now that I shot my first 'On the Bench' video. As this year winds down, I looked back at all my Bench vids to see where I'd come from and have an idea of where i'm going.

Since then, some models were put aside as I steamrolled along. I did finish 7 since Dec '08 and the 7 others now on the bench are into final putty and paint. The only thing that can stop me from knocking them off is the massive OT hitting us over the next 3 weeks of work -which I gotta take as much advantage of as possible. However, if I am out of work for xmas and new years weeks as I think/hope, I should be able to get much last minute work done then.

In the previous two years, I finished about 60 models combined. By that comparison, this year's 7-15 seems anemic. However, this year's batch pushed my abilities to their limits. Some skills have improved dramatically, some unknown skills were tinkered with and put aside, and still others made good progress. And in all cases, this year's crop of models are significantly better quality than any done before -a good sign!

If anyone is so inclined, please note some of the highlights/downturns your modeling has gone through. I would very much like to hear a summation of other folks modeling trials and tribbles.

And here's to a Most Excellent 2010 for all!
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