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Here is a request from one of the old guys ;) . It seems like a no brainer with Elvis's love for cars. Maybe JL has already done it. Or maybe the copyright is to restrictive. I would buy a series with all of Elvis's cars. :D
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I've seen Matchbox do a series of Elvis cars. Don't remember JL doing any.
Cool series idea. As long as they aren't the same ones that MB did. I thought that the MBs ones were nicely done. I probably would not buy the same cars if JL made them. JL's rescources would be better spent on either some different castings or re doing some of their earlier castings, like Christine or maybe the Custom Eldorado.

Just my two cents.
That Pantera thing is great!
Thankya, Thankya Very Much
I was thinking of the Custom Eldorado too.
My 9 yr old son is a big Elvis fan. he was dressed up as Elvis for Halloween this year in the white outfit. He has a few Elvis casting I gave him over time. John Force Funny cars and Rusty Wallace nascars. Still have a bunch here. Was gonna sell them at a Elvis fest this past summer but I didn't make it.
last car he ever drove. I know way too much about Elvis for a Beatles guy.

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midtown said:
last car he ever drove. I know way too much about Elvis for a Beatles guy.

What kind of car was this that he drove last? My son would love to know. It would be cool for him if I could find a casting of this car, whatever it is.
Stutz Blackhawk, think it's a 73? His last cruise was to the dentist. Should of taken a detour to the Betty Ford Clinic....

Hot Wheels has a casting.
click on the following link to see Elvis' personal cars made by Matchbox and others:


Click on the following link to see Elvis' movie cars made by Matchbox:

http://www.hollywood-diecast.com/Elvis Movies.htm

I'd like to see more Elvis cars as well. Especially his race car from Viva Las Vegas

- Joe
midtown said:
Stutz Blackhawk, think it's a 73?
Hot Wheels has a casting.
Hot Wheels Final Run in '99. Mold destroyed. The single biggest shame out of all the cars that have been Final Runs.

Stutz Blackhawk
'96 Mustang
'89 Corvette
Dodge Charger Daytona
P 911
'55 Chevy
Ford Bronco
P 928
Lamborghini Diablo
Auburn 852
'31 Doozie

The Stutz, Auburn, and Doozie were all unique in 1/64 and will be missed. May all the Final Runs R.I.P.
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Speaking of the Beatles, how about if Jl did a 1/64 Yellow Submarine, a Newspaper Taxi, The infamous Volkswagon with the 28 IF license plate and the "blue Suburban" in Penny Laine.
(Im joking about the suburban)
I know corgi did a Beatles series, but they were to pricey.
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