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Greetings troops!

Well for what it's worth, the model be a done deal.

Gallery with larger pic links here.

47 second, 5.08Mb vid of the lighting doing it's thing can be got via a link on the first page.

For those who missed the thread on the short and not too indepth build gallery, i did this while waiting for one of REL's Ent 'E' kits to turn up, got the letter from the mail mob saying it's awaiting my collection so good timing all round i think :D

Go easy folks!

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Stunning work Ray!
I can't believe you've built a Cobra from Elite!!!! You're clearly a man of taste!

Totally astonishing build my man!

Muchos Kudos


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Ta fellas !

Well Rich what can i say mate...i was bored :D
Always wanted to build one and that's what happens when you have a big sheet of plastic and some free time

Ah Marco, so right my friend.
No BSOD's in the way back when, just happy trading and merry distruction wrought upon your foes...which was pretty much everyone who wasn't yourself as i recall :)

Glad you like her, have to admit i do too.

OT for one second...

Back to the modeling thing :)
The Wolf MkII is my current ride and i will be modeling her later.

Go easy
(AKA Cmdr Fallens, Elite rated, i have the badge and 7467 kills to prove it ;) )
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