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OK. For the first question of this new thread. Why can't we come up with something better - cheaper - than the current AMBC system??? I have been giving this some thought and of course as a general non knowledgable person I do have sever "what if ;s " to throw out for debate. I am really looking for an electronics person for this answer, but computer hardware and software knowledge will help.

What if: We were able to adapt readily available RF keyboard or mouse units for our RC purposes? A mouse has sending units capable of sending at least 10 "directional" and/or click combination signals. The small RF modulated unit is encased inside the "mouse" and the receiving unit is encased inside a palmsized receiver unit - which is directly connected to a computer through a PS2 port. That's 10 cars using seperate signals. Hmmmmmmm.

What if: We use the keyboard unit from a remote keyboard. Same as above except there would be at least 102 seperate signals available at least!! Would this be feasable? If it is then even if we each had to purchase a remote mouse or keyboard and tear it apart to get a sending unit the cost would be cheaper than the current AMBC system!!! (Walmart sells remote RF keyboards for $39.00 here).

What about IR remote controls and receiving units from cheap TV sets. Directional yes - but could these be made to work?? Perhaps sheilding the receiver for a close direct pass????

Anyone else have any ideas??? Anyone else (hello electronic gurus!!) have a way to make any of these ideas work??
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