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Anybody done any of these yet?

Aurora/JL/AW Chevelle Stocker
Model Motoring '67 Chevelle
JL/AW '59 Chevy
JL/AW Fairlane
JL/AW '68 Torino
JL/AW '74 (?) Torino
Dash Falcon (I think I've seen where someone did one of these, even released a resin version)

If you did one, care to share pics?

If I can find time this summer while school is out, I think I'd like to tackle some of these...


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Hey this is a neat thread idea as all the pics so far are Fabio.

Now the sparks are shooting inside a bunch of HTers brains.

Bob...gives a new meaning to cut and paste...zilla

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Great thread and great El Caminos & Rancheros! I do seem to notice more 1:1 Rancheros being set up as customs and racers lately. Kinda cool.

Anywhoooo.... keep those awesome El's and chopped Fowl-***** coming!! They're something different and they look great!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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