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The EiDAI Corporation was based in Tokyo, Japan. They are a well-known diecast manufacturer offering models in various scales including 1:87 scale and smaller sizes. They were issued under brand names of Grip Zechin, World Zechin and Madmax Grip. The Madmax World Minicar Series was a sub-series of the EiDAI Grip Zechin models made for the Japanese market. These models were largely repaints of the original Grip Zechin models. Some had new plastic detail pieces while others were simply repainted and decaled. Almost all castings were Japanese commercial vehicles, except for a few Caterpillar and Jeep models. Some identify Grip Zechin or EiDAI Corporation on the baseplate.

The Technia brand was a range of 1:28 street car and race car models. Some of these models were sold in the USA under the "Kidco Tough Wheels" brand.

They used Model Power in the USA to distributed most of their products in the 1970s and 1980s.

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