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Great! Never had this kit before, looking forward to it. I'll get some extra kits for the cape alone, maybe use it on my Super Hero builds. Anyone know the size/scale of the cape? Does it have S.F. molded on? Thanks.

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A few I like from the Hobby Heaven link,
RO71 Revell Jungle Jim Funny Car, 1/16 scale. His life was cut short:( (great showman) seen him race at Englishtown in the early 70s.
R406 Revell Chaparral 2D, wicked looking!
A118 AMT Pinto Modified
A117 AMT Gremlin Modified
And that Open Road Camper, Racers Wedge is cool looking.
Thanks for the Info.:)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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