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Ebay score!

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Scroll down and check out what the " + " was on this auction!
I think I did good! :cool:

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Now I wonder if that's a Vibe body or a Thunderjet... do you know? I gotta check my reference book...

I'd be saying woooo hoooo. Congrats, and good job checking the + and not just skipping over it.
Definitely snagged one there! Congrats. :thumbsup: rr
WOW , great score, always good to see a sweet score on ebay once in awhile ~
sweet tjet truck you can tell its a tjet from the lack of the cut out on the underside for the reed assm on a vibe :roll:
Mr. Stubbs, nice score, always thought that was one of the better looking color combo's for the dump, and it looks in great shape!

L_T_D is correct, it's a Tjet version.

Way To Good. It always pays to check a + .

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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